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Environmentally Friendly Auto Repair

Utz Tire Service Of Arcade, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment by reducing waste materials created from our automotive repair business. The automotive business generates various types of waste that can become a hazard to the environment if not disposed of and processed correctly. Utz Tire Service Of Arcade, Inc. does not manufacture the tires and other automotive products it sells at retail and relies on its suppliers to assess, audit, and verify that these products are produced and managed in an environmentally friendly process. Our corporate goal, is to work with manufactures and distributors who believe in being a steward of our environment.

We do not use any fossil fuels in the daily operation of our facility. All machines, heat and lighting use 100% electricity.

On a daily basis our business generates the following waste materials and the process of recycling:
  • General paper - shred and turned into compost for gardens
  • Cardboard - recycled thru a pickup program
  • Bottles / Cans - turned into a local recycling facility
  • Zinc/Steel wheel weights - turned into a local scrap yard for recycling
  • Brass valve stems - turned into a local scrap yard for recycling
  • Used Motor Oil - picked up and recycled to be reused as other base lubricants
  • Oil Filters - drained and crushed prior to being sent for scrap metal in accordance with NYS DEC procedures.
  • Scrap Tires - recycled and used as various materials in construction. Drainage mulch, fuel source for concrete production
  • Scrap auto parts - turned into a local scrap yard for recycling
  • Vehicle Batteries - picked up by battery distributor and recycled
  • Large Commercial truck tires - tires are recapped and reused

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